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Preparing your organization for the 21st century knowledge society

Talent Consulting Global 2

Preparing your organization for the 21st century knowledge society

About Us

We provide training and consultation in Change Management, Career Management, Talent Development and Organization Development.

Utilizing organizational psychology frameworks, we help our client build strong foundation they can leverage to produce maximum results.

Our Services

Corporate Strategy

Define or crystalize your company’s vision, mission and core values which are the basis of strategy formation.

Assessment Center

Assess your employee;s potential using world-renowned personality and skills assessment tools.

Skills Enhancement

Equip your employees with necessary work place skills such as communication, giving and receiving feedback and conflict management.

Workforce Planning

Determine composition of talent pool, workforce size and skill set that is ideal for your organization.

Career Transition

Train and assist terminated employees skills necessary to find a new job.

Career Planning and Development

Co-create with employees their career paths and provide them support and development initiatives to help them rise up.

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Call us at 02 541 4262 #203 or fill out the form if you have any questions related to our services.